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Kate Urekew

Kate Urekew

Founder & CEO

The OG “Kate,” Kate U is the Heart, Soul, Founder, Cheerleader and Visionary of Revel Experiences.  Kate’s early days of her career were filled with event and PR management for a leading nonprofit in Boston where she rubbed elbows with the city’s top philanthropic influencers and passionately raised awareness for inner-city youth programs. Advocating for the talented, yet underprivileged young people in her community led Kate U to her next role at Reebok managing the brand of the Biggest Kid there was – NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal – which may or may not have involved them tandem jumping off the Olympic high dive in Brazil.  After working for a leading Fortune 100 company, Kate ventured to the green pastures of loyalty marketing, developing programs that disrupted the market for companies such as American Express, JPMC, Merrill Lynch, Ford Motor Group, Biogen and more. She has wheeled and dealed with the best out there creating programs and partnerships in entertainment, culinary, lifestyle, travel and sports.

Outside of seeking (retail) therapy to her addiction of The RealReal, Kate can be found on culinary exploits with her foodie daughter Arianna, enjoying a composed cocktail at Hotel Arts in Barcelona, paddle boarding in the Atlantic, curating an inspired dance party, and stamping her passport with not only countries, but conversations.

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